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Willamette University Puts Faculty in Residence

— Willamette University in Oregon has been exploring the residential college model for some time, and has recently taken an initial step in the direction of a residential college system.

A recent press release from Willamette announces the opening of Kaneko Commons, a new campus facility that will include student residential space, as well as “adjacent housing for a faculty resident and his/her family, an enlarged dining facility, and high quality meeting and activity spaces.”

Another distinct element of the Kaneko project is that it introduces the residential commons concept at Willamette. Rooted in the college models at Oxford and Cambridge in the 13th century, Willamette’s commons model features graduated housing arrangements for all classes of students, is self-governing with elected student officers, and includes a substantial faculty presence.

Congratulations to everyone at Willamette on this important development. May it signal an increased academic presence and influence in all aspects of campus life.

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