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Collegiate Architectural Developments

— ’Tis the season to announce architectural plans and accomplishments on many campuses.

Washington University in St. Louis is continuing to develop its residential college system. This summer the university completed construction of Forsyth House, a 53,000 square foot residential building that is a component of Wayman Crow College. “The state-of-the-art building features a large common room with a fireplace and adjoining library, a full-service kitchen for catering and special events, a multipurpose room for large work projects and a soundproof music practice room,” reports Neil Schoenherr in the Washington University Record. [Every residential college must have a fireplace. How else can you teach your students about Plato’s Cave? —RJO]

Yale University continues with a program of renovation for all its residential colleges, according to Tom Sullivan in the Yale Daily News. Final renovations to Pierson College are scheduled for this month. Davenport College renovations are about 20% complete, with a scheduled finishing date of August 2005. Trumbull College and Silliman College renovations will follow in 2005 and 2006.

Two new buildings for Atwater Commons, one of the five residential colleges here at Middlebury, have been completed this month, and the Atwater Commons dining hall is scheduled to be opened later this term. Middlebury College’s Commons System is being established partly with existing buildings and partly with new construction, and Atwater Commons is the second of the five commons to be architecturally complete.

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