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A dormitory is organized to provide food and shelter; a college, to provide for the student’s intellectual, social, and personal development.

—Mark B. Ryan, A Collegiate Way of Living

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Listed below are links to the websites of Oxford/Cambridge-style residential college systems and house systems at universities around the world. Residential colleges are small, permanent, cross-sectional societies of students and faculty within a larger university, and this directory is one part of a comprehensive website called “The Collegiate Way: Residential Colleges and the Renewal of University Life.” For more general information about residential colleges and collegiate universities please visit the main Collegiate Way page.

The residential college model originated in Great Britain and was long confined to the universities of Oxford, Cambridge, and Durham, but in recent years several other British universities have been established on or have converted to the collegiate model. The first universities in the United States to establish residential college systems were Harvard and Yale in the 1930s, with Harvard electing to call its arrangement a house system rather than a college system (the terms are synonymous). More recently schools such as the University of Pennsylvania, Rice University, and Murray State University, among others, have established similar residential college systems. Collegiate universities are also common in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. In Mexico the University of the Americas in Puebla has recently established a system of residential colleges, and in Germany the new Jacobs University in Bremen is also being organized into a system of collegiate societies. The Collegiate Way news page provides details on these and other recent developments. Residential colleges and collegiate houses are becoming more prominent every year in landscape of international higher education.

If you are a student and you want to get the best education possible, you should include the institutions below in your college search. If you are a parent and want your son or daughter to belong to a strong and supportive academic community, you should encourage your child to browse these pages. If you are a residential college officer or a faculty member exploring the collegiate model, these sites will provide you with enough educational ideas to last a lifetime.

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