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Waterloo University Colleges, Ontario

Four residential colleges are affiliated with the University of Waterloo: St. Paul’s, Renison, Conrad Grebel, and St. Jerome’s. The Waterloo colleges are corporately independent of the university, as the Oxford and Cambridge colleges are, and although each has a church affiliation they are open any Waterloo student without regard to religious interest or church membership. These informal photos by Robert J. O’Hara were taken during a speaking visit to Waterloo as a guest of St. Paul’s College and its principal, Dr. Graham Brown. For more information about the residential colleges please visit the main Collegiate Way page.

[St. Paul's College, University of Waterloo]

The entrance to St. Paul’s College facing toward the main Waterloo University campus.

[St. Paul's principal, Dr. Graham Brown, with Bob O'Hara]

Dr. Graham Brown (left), Principal of St. Paul’s College, with RJO.

[Chapel of St. Paul's College, University of Waterloo]

The St. Paul’s College chapel.

[Main sign by the entrance to Renison College, University of Waterloo]

Founders Building, Renison College.

[Renison College entrance]

The main entrance to Renison College.

[Plaza of Conrad Grebel University College]

The dining plaza of Conrad Grebel College looking over the Laurel Creek Backs.

[St. Jerome's Junior Common Room]

Junior Common Room of St. Jerome’s University College.

[Laurel Creek on the University of Waterloo campus]

The Laurel Creek Backs behind the Waterloo colleges.

[Walking from St. Paul's to Laurel Creek.]

Heading out from St. Paul’s College toward the university campus.

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