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Talking About Residential Colleges in the Aloha State

Fort DeRussy Park, near the Hawaii Convention Center, July 2006 — It was my great pleasure last week to give a talk about residential colleges and the collegiate way of living at the annual meeting of the Society for College and University Planning in Honolulu, Hawaii, thanks to the kind offices of Dr. Susan Painter of A.C. Martin Partners.

Susan has been a follower of the Collegiate Way website for some time and has done important work to disseminate collegiate thinking among her firm’s many clients. She is also a research psychologist who has written and spoken about the psychological aspects of design and how residential college buildings and grounds can help to satisfy the need for a “home base” among undergraduates in a university setting.

SCUP is the leading organization in the United States devoted to issues in higher education design and planning, and the Honolulu meeting was held in conjunction with the annual meetings of the National Association of College and University Business Officers and the Association of Higher Education Facilities Officers. More than 3000 people were in attendance, and a grand time was had by all, with many fruitful discussions taking place both inside and outside the meeting rooms.

Many thanks to Susan for the kind invitation to participate, and to all the Collegiate Way subscribers and friends who spoke with me over the course of the meeting.

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