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These news items about residential colleges, collegiate houses, and the renewal of university life are posted for readers of the Collegiate Way website. For more about residential colleges and collegiate universities please visit the main Collegiate Way page.

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— The Collegiate Way has been featured on two major websites in the past few days. We have been reviewed in the 8 November 2002 issue of the Scout Report, one of the net’s oldest and most respected reference sources. Produced by the library and computer science staff at the University of Wisconsin and funded by the National Science Foundation, the Scout Report is a weekly review of academic and other non-profit websites that are of special value to researchers. You can browse the Scout Report online each week or request an e-mail subscription and receive it in your mailbox.

The Collegiate Way has also been included on the front page of the SCUP website, the home of the Society for College and University Planning. SCUP is the main professional organization for university administrative and facilities officers, and their journal, Planning for Higher Education, is widely read around the world. An essay of my own on how to build a residential college (pdf), based on material from the Collegiate Way website, appeared in Planning for Higher Education last year.

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