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What is a Residential College?

[Arms of Josephine Butler College, University of Durham] — People studying the residential college model of university organization can benefit from examining a variety of collegiate self-descriptions. Although they will always differ in details from college to college, these accounts embody the collection of common principles and structures that underlie the residential college idea.

The newly-established Josephine Butler College at the University of Durham has just gotten its website off the ground, and it includes an excellent set of answers to the question “What is a college?

“Joining a college is much like joining a new family,” says the Butler website. “Each has its quirks but at heart it is the basis of a lifelong relationship. Our experience suggests that, whatever their background and whatever the college, students get more from belonging to colleges than halls of residence and that almost every member of the college quickly finds a role in the community and the support they need.”

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