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Tulane University Establishes Residential Colleges

[Tulane University] — More universities are examining or converting to the residential college model of organization every year, and the latest to announce plans in this direction is an especially significant one: Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Tulane is one of the leading private universities in the United States, with important graduate research programs and an undergraduate population of about 6000. Tulane’s first residential college will open this coming fall under the leadership of Prof. Christopher Dunn of the university’s department of Spanish and Portuguese. Although in the first year the new residential college will be made up largely of freshmen, over time it is expected that it will become cross-sectional (which I believe is by far the best arrangement). Tulane has wisely and correctly invited students from all academic disciplines to apply, making it a true residential college and not a “theme hall.” A second residential college at Tulane is scheduled for completion in 2006, and Tulane officials have made considerable use of the Collegiate Way website in developing their programs.

We wish much success to Prof. Dunn and all of his colleagues at Tulane: their new colleges will go from strength to strength and will transform the life of their institution for many years to come.

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