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Notes: Murray State, Spring, BizEd, and Philately

— Some short residential college bulletins for the month:

  • Residential colleges and the Collegiate Way website are featured in a story by Sharon Shinn in the March/April 2005 issue of BizEd magazine. BizEd is published for university-level business educators, and while the story emphasizes thematically-oriented residential programs, it does a good job of describing the personal and academic virtues of residential college programs in general.

  • In the northern hemisphere, spring us underway! The crocuses are sprouting, the birds are singing, and green is returning to the landscape. For ideas on how to make the grounds of your residential college into an educational place as well as a place of living memory pay a visit to the Collegiate Way’s section on residential college grounds.

  • Murray State University in Kentucky has received budgetary approval for the construction of its ninth residential college, according to Stephanie Zeller writing in The Murray State News.

  • Also at Murray State: The university reports that its recent increase in graduation rates has been the highest of 33 public universities in its region. Its overall graduation rate is higher than any other Kentucky university, and is fifth in its region. (One of the universities that ranks above it is Truman State University in Missouri, which also has a residential college system.)

  • Collegiate philately again: The Oxford and Cambridge colleges ran their own private postal system in the late 1800s until it was suppressed by the government. A highly entertaining history of this episode has been published by Vincent West under the title The Post Office and the Colleges. It’s available from the Great Britain Philatelic Society. (More on the college stamps will follow at a later date.)

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