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Talking About Collegiate Life at Wheaton College

Wheaton College in Massachusetts is one of the leading liberal arts colleges in New England, with a distinguished history reaching back into the early nineteenth century. A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of visiting Wheaton and giving a talk to the provost, the dean of students, and a collection of students and faculty on residential college life and the collegiate movement around the world. Wheaton has recently established a faculty-in-residence program in its new residential buildings, and is exploring the possibility of a system of residential colleges (perhaps best called “Houses” in this case). In its exploration, Wheaton joins Middlebury College and Willamette University, two other liberal arts colleges that have outgrown their original dimensions and are trying, through decentralization, to recapture the style of life they once had.

Many thanks to my colleagues at Wheaton for the kind hospitality they showed me during my visit, and I wish them much success as they continue to develop the life of their campus.

The next stop on the Collegiate Way World Tour (sounds like a rock band!) is the University of Mississippi in Oxford, Mississippi, where I will be speaking on March 24th and 25th.

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