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Messiah College Alumni Propose a House System

— A group of alumni from Messiah College in Pennsylvania is proposing a residential college system for their alma mater. They have developed a website called Messiah Houses ( and are beginning to post ideas and plans there, including a detailed proposal for how a collegiate system at Messiah might be implemented. Scott Miller, one of the organizers of the effort, has been making use of the Collegiate Way website in this work.

Messiah College has about 3000 students, and it counts among its alumni the late Ernest Boyer, one of the greatest advocates in recent decades for undergraduate education reform. Boyer’s many publications and speeches from his years as president of the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching have been very influential in American higher education. It is fitting, therefore, that Messiah alumnus Derek Woodard-Lehman has recommended in an essay in The Swinging Bridge, the Messiah College newspaper, that the first residential college at Messiah be named Boyer House.

We extend hearty congratulations to all the workers on the Messiah house system proposal. We wish them much success and commend them for their dedicated stewardship of their alma mater.

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