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Cornelia Strong College

The University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Friday, 14 January 2000 | Per aspera ad astra | Newsletter No. 167


Happy New Year and Welcome to New Members!

Strong College has twelve new members who have joined us in the last month, and we will be issuing a facebook supplement shortly so you can see their lovely visages. Their names and rooms are: Marcus Bolin (101), brother of Strong College alumnus Eric Bolin, coming to us from off campus; Curtis Wojnar (109), brother of former CSC Council President Rachel Wojnar, coming to us from Keene State University in New Hampshire; Michael Garrett (173) coming to us from Jamison; Diane Greenbaum (176) coming to us from Reynolds; Matthew Thacker (214) coming to us from Cotten; Erika Wood (307) coming to us from North Carolina State University; Liane Choe(316) coming to us from Grogan; Heather Smith (317) coming to us from Reynolds; Emily Cifelli (317) coming to us from Reynolds; Emily Huprich (366) coming to us from her home in Greensboro; Josianne Bigham (371) coming to us from Phillips; and Chase Palmer (375) coming to us from Weil. We also welcome back one of our wandering members, Kady McDaniel (378) who spent last semester in Spain. Please make all of these people feel at home and welcome in our society!

Cornelian Prize

Every spring semester Strong College sponsors the Cornelian Prize for English Prose. This prize is awarded to the best original work of fewer than 400 words on a designated theme. This year’s theme is “stars.” The value of the prize is $200, and the competition is open to all undergraduate members of the University. For more details see the prize announcements posted around Strong College and the campus at large, or follow the Cornelian Prize link on the Strong College web page. Sharpen up that pencil and start drafting an entry today!

Strong College Around the World!

A wide assortment of new pictures have been added to our Strong College Around the World web page, and more are coming in from people who went away over the recent break. All these pictures feature our members proudly displaying the Strong College arms on their tee shirts. The collection now includes: Jessica Zellers in Australia; Shannon Burge on the beach in the Bahamas; Jessica Traversino and Barron Thompson outside Napoleon’s residence in France; Melissa Feimster at Edinburgh Castle in Scotland; Heather Lloyd and Pete Jamieson in Hollywood; Bruce Caldwell with his three children at Disney World; Erik Nuss and Sharon Sullivan in Michigan; and Scott Thomason at the Boone Plantation in South Carolina.

Ad Astra

Strong College received a vast array of presents over the holidays from our members. We’re going to try to list many of them here, but are certain we will forget some (argh!).

Sharon Sullivan and Erik Nuss made and donated a magnificent board game they named Lemuropoly! It is honest-to-goodness Strong College monopoly with all the familiar landmarks. Stop by the College Office to look at it or check it out to play in the JCR. A thousand thanks to Sharon and Erik for their kindness.

Our own Jan Tulloss donated a copy of John Cleese’s PBS special on lemurs to us. Frink, frink, ptang, woooo!

Our subscription to MacWorld donated by Strong College alumnus Adam Cox has begun to arrive. Thank you!

Ms. Cherry donated a set of linens to the College Guest Room—thank you so much, Ms. Cherry!

Tom Dort has donated a subscription to Life Magazine to us. It will start appearing in the JCR and the Library soon. Thank you!

Bob O’Hara donated an antique volume of sheet music called Songs of All the Colleges to the Junior Common Room where you can find it by the piano. (You’re welcome!)

Josh Orchard has donated a kangaroo mother and child straight from the land of Australia to the Strong College Petting Zoo—thank you, Josh!


The Poem-of-the-Week appears regularly in this space. This week’s poem is Emily Dickinson’s sepulchral “I died for Beauty” (ca. 1862):

I died for Beauty – but was scarce
Adjusted in the Tomb
When One who died for Truth, was lain
In an adjoining Room –

He questioned softly “Why I failed”?
“For Beauty”, I replied –
“And I – for Truth – Themself are One –
We Brethren, are”, He said –

And so, as Kinsmen, met at Night –
We talked between the Rooms –
Until the Moss had reached our lips –
And covered up – our names –


17 January (Monday), 9:00 p.m., Committee Room — Monday Night at the Lemurodeon! (Free movies!)

18 January (Tuesday), 4:30 p.m., Junior Common Room — College Tea! It’s the social event of the College week!

18 January (Tuesday), 5:45 p.m., Dinner at Spencers — After Tea, come join the crowd for dinner at Spencers!

18 January (Tuesday), 8:30 p.m., Junior Common Room — Card Games Galore! Everyone is welcome to come!

19 January (Wednesday), 8:00 p.m., Committee Room — Strong College Council meeting. Everyone is invited!

19 January (Wednesday), 9:00 p.m., Star Chamber — Star Trek: Voyager! Join us in the Delta Quadrant!

20 January (Thursday), 8:00 p.m., Senior Common Room — Cornelian Literary Society. Everyone welcome!

20 January (Thursday), 9:00 p.m., Committee Room — Blue Lemur Coffee Bar! Come and get caffeinated!

21 January (Friday), 12:00 noon, Strong College section of the Caf — Fellows’ Lunch; students are welcome!

OFFICIAL DISCLAIMERS: Nothing here is official. Please don’t sue us. Small enough for persecution, large enough to hide. You don’t get a face in a fifteen-minute drawing. I’ve only been living here three hours and already there’s a ghost in my underwear drawer. No fungi, no future. I feel an interpretive lobster dance coming on. Crash outcomes may vary. There are people praying in my card parlor. I don’t handle having Pepsi up my nose very well. This does represent the official policy of James Elroy Flecker. I don’t like individual attention. Be quiet or I’ll make you a disclaimer. You’re just jealous of my thick glossy coat. Eeeew, she wrote “gurge.” When you live in the water it’s hard to keep your hair neat. It’s a good thing he has an exoskeleton. I feel so special this week: I’ve been disclaimed. If this works out, you may be able to live in a glass ball on Mars. I’m a decapod girl in a decapod world. I have one of those disorders or something. What sort of vampire denies his own vampirism? Color swirls are a natural occurrence. I put the J in INFJ. Stuffed with polyester fiber. If you experience eye watering, headaches, or dizziness, increase fresh air or wear respiratory protection. It’s hard being secret agents. Everything’s better with a halo. The better our fantasies are, the better our realities can become. Second star to the right, and straight on till morning. If we succeed there will be many songs sung in our honor. A decent boldness ever meets with friends. Think continually of those who were truly great. Risk—risk is our business; that’s what this starship is all about; that’s why we’re aboard her. Without struggle, there is no progress. Why are we here if we’re not magic? I want my CSC. Per aspera ad astra!

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