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Cornelia Strong College

The University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Friday, 10 September 1999 | Per aspera ad astra | Newsletter No. 156


The Croquet Tournament has Arrived!

The Fifth Annual Strong College Croquet Tournament is coming on Sunday, September 19th, at 1:00 p.m. on the East Lawn! This is one of the big Strong College events of the year, so you won’t want to miss it! A cookout lunch will be available for everyone, both spectators and participants, and in addition to the Tournament itself there will be games on the side like our popular Hit-the-Stake Contest, as well as the highly competitive Guerrilla Croquet Race Around the Building! A sign-up sheet will appear outside the College Office for those who want to actually compete in the Tournament—and don’t worry if you don’t know how to play: plenty of people will be around to help. Teams can enter too! The name of the Tournament winner will be engraved on the permanent trophy that is now on display in the College Office. Win fame for all time! Enter the Fifth Annual Croquet Tournament!

Bring Your Parents!

The Croquet Tournament weekend is also the UNCG Family Weekend, so please bring your parents, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, and cats and dogs to campus so they can all enjoy the events of that day. Parents and other family members are always welcome to visit Strong College, and this weekend will be an especially good opportunity to come, have fun, and look around!

Stock Market Competition!

Strong College is having a stock market competition this year with a cash prize! The winner’s name will also be engraved on a new trophy to be called the Weaver Cup. The competition is open to any and all Strong College students, and you may enter individually or as a team. Each entrant will manage an imaginary portfolio of $200,000 via the Internet. Everyone who would like to participate (or is just looking for more information) should come to either of these two meetings: Monday or Wednesday, September 13th or 15th, at 6:30 p.m. in the Senior Common Room (162). Charge up your calculator and sharpen you pencil (or set up your dart board) and come!

Senior Tutor’s Awards at Tea

This past week at Tea Dr. O’Hara had the pleasure of presenting the Senior Tutor’s Award for Academic Achievement to a record number of Strong College members. This award is given each semester to those undergraduates who earn a grade point average of 3.75 or above during the previous term. The winners for the this semester were: Angela Albertson, Cheryl Armstrong, Eric Bolin, Elizabeth Bolton, Christina Bottoms, Kimberly Bottoms, Stacy Brinkley, Jane Brookshire, Julia Brower, Emily Brown, Jennifer Brown, Shannon Burge, Christina Caltagirone, Lennis Cooper, Ashley Cress, Stephanie Crews, Emily Dahlke, Stacy Dalton, Andrew Dancy, Lisa Duffey, Hannah Easley, Jeremiah Feducia, Melissa Feimster, Jennifer Ferguson, Emily Furr, Laura Geouge, Elizabeth Hargrove, Kesha Harper, Niki Hernandez-Adams, Esther Imende, Nathan Jameson, Kristin Janiga, Melissa Johnson, Amy Jones, Krista Karbowski, Meghan Kindred, John Kucik, Heather Lambert, Cecilia Ruth Lance, Robert Lawter, Sonya Link, Katherine Longenecker, Stacy McClintock, Jeremiah McCluney, Adam McCord, Leslie McDougel, Shanta Mitchell, Rebekah Moore, Joy Munns, Travis Newton, Stephanie Parrish, Laura Poe, Jennifer Rogers, Philip Shands, Gregory Shealy, James Smith, Jennifer Smith, William Spainhour, Rachel Stanley, Amanda Tesh, Scott Thomason, Barron Thompson, Tammy Thorarinson, Brent Tysinger, Laura Weber, Kelly White, Alice Womack, Michael Wood, and Elizabeth York. Congratulations to them all—they have brought honor and distinction to themselves and to their College!

Ad Astra

Our College Council President Bri Payne has donated a Simon game to the Committee Room, and Geana Wheeler donated the batteries to make it go. Thanks to you both! Bri also donated a supply of construction paper for posters—thank you again!

The Facebooks are out! Resident members should have received one under their doors already, and non-resident members will be receiving theirs in the mail soon. Hooray! Thanks to Dr. O’Hara for all the work that went in to it.

The College Council is sponsoring a weekend trip to Charleston, South Carolina, on October 15th–17th. Watch for details posted around the College, or contact Bri Payne (x1624) or Sara Neeves (x1304) for more information.

Adam Cox has donated a MacWorld subscription to Strong College in a noble effort to beat back the tide of rampant PCism in the world. The Senior Tutor approves wholeheartedly. Thank you!


The Strong College Poem-of-the-Week appears in this space every week. This week’s poem, for all Strong College individuals, is an almost-sonnet by Emily Dickinson:

How happy is the little Stone
That rambles in the Road alone,
And does’nt care about Careers
And Exigencies never fears –

Whose Coat of elemental Brown
A passing Universe put on,
And independent as the Sun
Associates or glows alone,

Fulfilling absolute Decree
In casual simplicity –


13 September (Monday), 6:30 p.m., Senior Common Room (162) — Stock Market Competition info meeting!

13 September (Monday), 9:00 p.m., Committee Room (230) — Monday Night at the Lemurodeon! (Free movies!)

14 September (Tuesday), 4:30 p.m., Junior Common Room — College Tea! The social event of the College week.

14 September (Tuesday), 5:45 p.m., Dinner at Spencers — After Tea, come join the Strong College crowd for dinner at Spencers. Freshmen without declining balance can get take-out at the Caf and bring it over to Spencers.

14 September (Tuesday), 8:30 p.m., Junior Common Room — Card Games Galore! Everyone is welcome to come!

15 September (Wednesday), 6:30 p.m., Senior Common Room (162) — Stock Market Competition info meeting!

15 September (Wednesday), 8:00 p.m., Committee Room — Strong College Council meeting. Everyone is invited!

15 September (Wednesday), 9:00 p.m., Star Chamber (362) — Star Trek: Voyager! Join us in the Delta Quadrant.

16 September (Thursday), 9:00 p.m., Committee Room — Blue Lemur Coffee Bar! Come and get caffeinated!

17 September (Friday), 12:00 noon, Strong College section of the Caf — Fellows’ Lunch; students are welcome!

19 September (Sunday), 1:00 p.m., East Lawn — Fifth Annual Croquet Tournament! See details above.

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