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Strong College Application, 2000–2001

This is a sample web version of Strong College’s paper application used for admission in the academic year 2000–2001. Deadlines that were used in this admission cycle are shown on the separate Admission Schedule. Applicants were also required to supply a printed copy of the separate Recommendation Form to their recommenders and have it mailed to the Strong College Office as well. Electronic applications and recommendations were not accepted.

Cornelia Strong College

Moore-Strong Hall, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Application for Admission — Semester: ______ Year: ______

Cornelia Strong College is a residential college at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Strong College is open to all undergraduates in the University regardless of major, as well as to a small number of graduate students, and it is particularly suited to students who are seeking a family-like environment and a richer academic experience than they might have in a traditional residence hall. Strong College students take the usual complement of courses throughout the University, and they may also participate in a variety of co-curricular activities within the College, including discussion groups, a weekly tea hosted by the faculty Fellows, and social events throughout the year. More information about Strong College is available from the Strong College Office, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Greensboro, North Carolina 27402, U.S.A., or from the Strong College Web Server.

The home of Strong College is Moore-Strong Hall. Built in 1960 and renovated in 1994, Moore-Strong Hall provides several common rooms for students and faculty, as well as a small library founded through the generosity of students, parents, faculty, and friends. In keeping with the academic orientation of Strong College, Moore-Strong Hall is a no-alcohol building and neither residents nor guests (including those of legal drinking age) are permitted to possess or consume alcohol on the Moore-Strong premises.

Students who wish to be considered for admission to Strong College should complete this application and return it to the Admissions Tutor, Cornelia Strong College, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Greensboro, North Carolina 27402 U.S.A., by the date shown on the accompanying admission schedule. Applications will be reviewed by a committee of Strong College Fellows. Admission is competitive as more applications are typically received than there are spaces available.


A. Applying as (check one):

    (  ) entering freshman

    (  ) entering undergraduate transfer

    (  ) returning UNCG undergraduate

    (  ) entering graduate student

    (  ) returning UNCG graduate student

B. Full name:

C. SS#:

D. Sex:

E. Date of birth:

F. Current mailing address, phone number, and e-mail address:

G. Permanent mailing address and phone number:

H. Current G.P.A. (high school G.P.A., previous college/university G.P.A., or current UNCG G.P.A.):


Strong College seeks to admit students who will be able to benefit from the life of the College and at the same time contribute to it. Typically, such students are academically serious, personally responsible, enthusiastic, self-motivated, and possessed of diverse interests and a desire to serve others.

On a separate sheet of paper please tell us about some of the experiences, people, or ideas which have most influenced your life thus far, and about how you see yourself ten years from now.


All new undergraduates are placed in double rooms with a roommate. The annual rent is estimated to be $2320 per person. Most corridors in Moore-Strong Hall are co-ed with single-sex common bathrooms, but there are also two all-female corridors.

If you would prefer an all-female corridor check here: (  )

It is not always possible to give students their first preference because space is limited. After a student has lived in the College for one or two years other room options become available.

If you have a medical condition which makes it necessary for you to have a single room please attach a letter from a physician supporting your request and check here: (  )

If you are a graduate student or an undergraduate 25 years of age or older, and you wish to be considered for a small single room at $2320 annually (these rooms are very small) or a large single room at $4640 annually (estimated rent) please indicate your preference here:

    (  ) either    (  )    small single    (  ) large single

Please note that the above campus-wide room rents are established by the University’s Office of Housing and Residence Life, not by Strong College. There is no special cost associated with membership in Strong College.


The University’s Academic Integrity Policy is described fully in the UNCG Student Handbook. It recognizes that the University is a community of scholars whose members must hold themselves to the highest standards in the pursuit of knowledge, criticism, and understanding. The University’s Student Code of Conduct, also described in the UNCG Student Handbook, is designed to insure that all members of the University community are provided with “a campus environment conducive to peaceful and productive living and study,” and that the health, safety, welfare, and property of all persons in the University are protected. Moore-Strong Hall, the home of Strong College, is a no-alcohol building. No one, including students and guests of legal drinking age, is permitted to possess or consume alcohol in Moore-Strong Hall. We take this alcohol policy seriously and we do enforce it.

By signing this application you agree to abide by the University’s Academic Integrity Policy and Student Code of Conduct, and you accept that if you fail to do so you may be required either to move to a different room within Moore-Strong Hall or to transfer to another residence hall. You also agree to abide by the alcohol policy described above, and you accept that if you fail to do so you will be required to transfer to another residence hall.

By signing this application you also affirm that you have not been subject to any academic or residential disciplinary sanctions at UNCG or at another university. If you have been subject to any such sanctions you must explain on a separate sheet of paper.


Accompanying this application is a separate recommendation form which should be given to someone familiar with your academic history. The recommender should be a teacher or other school or college official, and not a family member. The recommender should return the completed recommendation directly to the Strong College Admissions Tutor by the appropriate deadline.

You are not required to submit a recommendation if you are: (1) an International Student, (2) a recipient of a UNCG Merit Award, or (3) a North Carolina Teaching Fellow. If you fall into any of these categories please state which one here:


If you are accepted into Strong College your answers to the following questions will help us to place you with a roommate. Your answers will not affect your chances for admission. For reasons of space it is not always possible to match roommates perfectly according to these criteria. We expect all Strong College students to treat their roommates and neighbors respectfully at all times.

A. Do you prefer to study in your room, in a library, or in a lounge/living room area?

B. While in your room do you prefer complete quiet or some background noise (radio, TV, etc.)?

C. Are you a “morning person” (preferring to get up early and go to sleep early) or a “night person” (preferring to stay up late and sleep late in the morning)?

D. Do you like to keep your room very neat and orderly, or do you prefer the “lived-in” look?

E. Is your personality outgoing or relatively reserved?

F. What academic subjects hold the most interest for you?

G. Do you know someone who is already a member of Strong College, or someone who is applying, that you would like to have as your roommate? (It may not be possible to accommodate all roommate requests for reasons of space.)




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