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Cornelia Strong College

The University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Friday, 15 January 1999 | Per aspera ad astra | Newsletter No. 137


The Senior Tutor’s Awards

The Senior Tutor’s Awards for Academic Achievement will be presented this coming Tuesday at Tea, and will recognize those undergraduates who received a grade point average of 3.75 or above during the fall semester. Continuing a very happy trend, we have another record number of recipients (64!) this term. These students have brought distinction to themselves and to the College through their hard work and dedication. Their names are: Angela Albertson, Eric Bolin, Elizabeth Bolton, Christina Bottoms, Kimberly Bottoms, Staci Brinkley, Jane Brookshire, Julia Brower, Emily Brown, Shannon Burge, Adam Cox, Ashley Cress, Stephanie Crews, Emily Dahlke, Andrew Dancy, Laura Davis, Rebecca Draughn, Lisa Duffey, Hannah Easley, Jeremiah Feducia, Melissa Feimster, Emily Furr, Elizabeth Hargrove, Niki Hernandez-Adams, Esther Imende, Nathan Jameson, Kristin Janiga, Amy Jones, Regina Jones, Meghan Kindred, Gwen Kovalak, Heather Lambert, Cecilia Ruth Lance, Robert Lawter, Sonya Link, Kate Longenecker, Michelle Marcelais, Jeremiah McCluney, Adam McCord, Leslie McDougel, Amanda Minter, Mary Minter, Travis Newton, Jennifer Osborne, Curtis Ostrom, Stephanie Parrish, Jennifer Rogers, Philip Shands, Gregory Shealy, James Smith, Jennifer Smith, William Spainhour, Amanda Tesh, Scott Thomason, Catherine Thompson, Tammy Thorarinson, Daniel Treharne, Emily Triplett, Brent Tysinger, Laura Weber, Kelly White, Alice Womack, Michael Wood, and Madara Yarbrough. Please come to Tea and congratulate them all!

New Members of the College!

Please welcome four new members of Strong College who have just joined us: Rachelle James (334A, x2783) arriving as a freshman from Reynolds, Emma Johnson (188, x1203) arriving as a freshman from Grogan, Rebekah Moore (376, x2528) arriving as a freshman from Reynolds, and Michael Morley (175, x1805) arriving as a transfer from the Real World. Please give them all a hearty Strong College welcome and make them feel at home.

The Cornelian Prize

In what we hope will be an important contribution to the academic life of the University, Strong College is sponsoring this semester the first annual Cornelian Prize for English Prose. The prize is open to all undergraduates in the University, and will be awarded to the best prose work of fewer than 400 words on a designated subject. The subject for this year’s competition is “The Storm.” The value of the prize is $200, and all entries must be submitted anonymously. For more details see the announcements posted on the bulletin boards around the College, or follow the Cornelian Prize link on the Strong College web page.

Room Sign-up for Next Fall

Important information about room sign-up for next fall has been posted around the College. Please read it carefully if you intend to return to Strong College next year (which we certainly hope you all do!).

Computer Helpers

Having trouble with your computer? Can’t get that program to work? Disk drive seems to be dead? There is help for you right here in Strong College! Several Strong College people who have achieved guru-tude in some aspect of computing have volunteered to have their names listed on a help sheet—if you’re having computer problems why not check out the list (posted around the College on various bulletin boards) and see if they can help! (But don’t call them at 3:00 a.m., OK?) If you’d like to have your named added as a helper just tell Dr. O’Hara.

Recruiting New Students for Next Fall

And speaking of next fall, we hope all Strong College students will help to recruit next year’s freshman class for us! Do you have friends and relatives back home who are thinking about coming the UNCG next year? If so, encourage them to apply to Strong College! Applications are available in the College Office, and also from the Strong College web page. Current members are always our best recruiters!

Ad Astra

Dr. O’Hara’s Book-of-the-Week this week is A Testament of Hope: The Essential Writings of Martin Luther King, Jr., in honor of the King holiday this weekend. Stop by the College Office and browse it today!

We are famous around the world again! Over the break, Julia Bevan and Sherrill Hayes visited England, and brought back pictures of Sherrill in his Strong College tee shirt at the Tower of London! Not only that, Erik Nuss and Sharon Sullivan travelled during the break to Key West, Florida, and brought back pictures of themselves in their Strong College tee shirts at the southernmost point in the continental United States! All of these pictures are on the Albums pages of the Strong College web site—browse them from a nearby computer today!


The Poem-of-the-Week is posted on the bulletin board outside the College Office and is usually reprinted here. What better way to start off a new year than with one of James Elroy Flecker’s many lugubrious masterpieces? This one is the geographically appropriate “Ballad of the Student in the South”:

It was no sooner than this morn
That first I found you there,
Deep in a field of southern corn
The colour of your hair.

Yours is the beauty of the moon,
The wisdom of the sea,
Since first you tasted, sweet and soon,
Of God’s forbidden tree.

I had read books you had not read,
Yet I was put to shame
To hear the simple words you said,
And see your eyes aflame.

Darling, a scholar’s fancies sink
So faint beneath your song;
And you are right, why should we think,
We who are young and strong?

Shall I forget when prying dawn
Sends me about my way,
The careless stars, the quiet lawn,
And you with whom I lay?

For we are simple, you and I,
We do what others do,
Who live because they fear to die
And love the whole night through.


So much is happening the Calendar won’t fit again this week! See above for the dates of various events.

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