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Cornelia Strong College

The University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Friday, 24 July 1998 | Per aspera ad astra | Newsletter No. 123


Welcome to the Class of 2002!

Strong College will be welcoming new members of the Class of 2002 soon, and welcoming back all of its returning members. This summer Newsletter is sent to everyone in the College, and is a preview of the regular weekly Newsletter that members of the College receive all year. Welcome to the new year ahead!

When You Arrive

The actual date and time of move-in for all students is established for the entire campus by the University’s Office of Housing and Residence Life. They should be sending general move-in information to all students shortly if they have not done so already. You can call them with general questions about arrival times, etc.

Strong College has its own Welcoming Committee that will bring all of our new members together several times in the first few days to give everyone a chance to get to know each other and to make lots of friends. You will also have your picture taken when you arrive for inclusion in our annual facebook, so that everyone can start to put names and faces together as soon as possible. There is a general campus orientation program sponsored by the University’s Orientation Office, and we will also have a number of activities in Strong College specifically designed for all our new members. Watch the College bulletin boards for details when you arrive.

The Strong College Office is not open regularly during the summer, but we do have an answering machine and will be glad to try to return calls if you have a Strong College question, although we may not be able to do so immediately. You can also email Dr. O’Hara, the Senior Tutor of the College, or Jonathan Buford, our student assistant for the summer, with any questions.

Visit Us on the Web

Strong College has a comprehensive web site that contains lots of information about the College that may be of help to incoming members (and may make old members feel nostalgic). Learn more about the College even before you arrive, and perhaps visit the web pages of some Strong College Fellows and students. So pay a virtual visit to the College today!


Strong College students have whole host of opportunities available to them both within the College and without for service, scholarship, and fun. Here’s a tiny preview.

In Strong College you can: be a volunteer Librarian to help keep our Library open each week; go to the meetings of the College Council and help to organize social events throughout the year; volunteer to help run our legendary Blue Lemur Coffee Bar each week; help keep the conversation going on Strong-L, our e-mail discussion group; come to the weekly Literary Hour sponsored by the Fellows of the College; start a TV group, or a movie group, or a history group, or a basket weaving group, or any other kind of group; watch Star Trek with Dr. O’Hara!; come to Tea every week in the Junior Common Room (this is very important!); have lunch every Friday with the Strong College Fellows; start planning now for the Halloween Dance; start practicing your croquet swing for the October Tournament; start designing your boat for the April Regatta; and much, much more!

In the University at large you can: join the Student Government Association (this year’s President of SGA is Strong College’s own Jon Buford); join the University Ambassadors; become a member of the campus orientation staff; write for the Carolinian, the UNCG student newspaper; explore Peabody Park, UNCG’s century-old educational park; be a disk jockey for WUAG, the campus radio station; join Coraddi, the campus literary magazine; and on and on and on. (These are just a few of the organizations that have been especially popular with Strong College members in the past; there are many more on campus as well.)

Strong-L Keeps Going and Going and Going

Strong-L is our own Strong College e-mail chatting group. Even though people are scattered to the four winds during the summer (or perhaps because they are), Strong-L is still full of busy conversation about everything from music to computers to the meaning of life. All Strong College members with e-mail addresses are encouraged to join.Contact our own Tammy Thorarinson, the Strong-L manager.

Ad Astra

Strong College Fellow Janice Tulloss has been appointed Assistant Director for Student Computing in the Department of Instructional and Research Computing. Congratulations, Janice!

Strong College alumnus Todd Thomason has been accepted into the graduate program in Classics at the University of Georgia for the fall. kala!

Sylvia Cherry, daughter of our north housekeeper, Virginia Cherry, graduated with honors from Shaw University this past semester, and plans to attend law school in the fall. Congratulations, Ms. Cherry!

A film produced by Strong College alumnus Rob Furr, M.F.A. ’98, appeared this summer on the TV series North Carolina Voices. Well done!

Strong College alumna Sara Pulley, ’98, will be getting married on August 1st. Congratulations, Sara!

Strong College Fellow Ginger Karb won the University’s Bullard Award for service at the end of last semester. This is one of the highest awards the University bestows. Congratulations!

Strong College Fellow Maureen Grasso has been appointed Associate Dean of the Graduate School. Magnificent!


The Strong College Poem-of-the-Week appears on the bulletin board outside the College office and is usually reprinted here. For this summer Newsletter, we offer Emily Dickinson’s lapidary lyric “Answer July” (ca. 1862):

Answer July –
Where is the Bee –
Where is the Blush –
Where is the Hay?

Ah, said July –
Where is the Seed –
Where is the Bud –
Where is the May –
Answer Thee – Me –

Nay – said the May –
Show me the Snow –
Show me the Bells –
Show me the Jay!

Quibbled the Jay –
Where be the Maize –
Where be the Haze –
Where be the Bur?
Here – said the Year –

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