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Cornelia Strong College

The University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Friday, 8 September 1995 | Per aspera ad astra | Newsletter No. 36


Ask Not What Your College Can Do For You…

An important notice for all members of the Junior Common Room (that’s all you Strong College students): Moles and trolls, work, work, work. Did you all come to college just to study? I should say not, and this is the very reason we have a College Council. In brief, the Strong College Council is for all the student members of Cornelia Strong College to create, plan, organize, and execute the ideas that you have for events that would be stimulating, academic, or just plain FUN! It is a vehicle for your creative/active side, and not your study-all-day side. Some ideas for the coming year that we can do, but only with your help, are: (1) A Halloween Dance, (2) Concerts on the Lawn, (3) Planting bulbs to beautify the College grounds, (4) A Field Day with cookout, volleyball, and lawn party. [And of course, croquet. —Ed. note] The list is endless, but that’s only if you help! Come to the Junior Common Room on Tuesday night at 9:30 p.m. if you want to help us spend some money and have some fun! Will refreshments be served? Of course they will. Contact Sherrill Hayes, JCR Council President (Rm. 211; x2375) for more information.

Azure, in sinister chief three mullets of eight points or, one and two

Make a fashion statement! Our legendary Strong College tee shirts are available in the College Office for just $6.00. Such a deal! Get one for every day of the week, and for all your relatives at home. Our Administrative Assistant Marilyn Lauritzen is in the Office Monday through Thursday from 3:30–5:30 p.m., and will be happy to fit you. We also have a few elegant Strong College patches left, tailor-made for your backpack, your navy blazer, or that big hole in your jeans.

Eight Ball in the Side Pocket

Thanks to the efforts of Deborah Stewart, we now have a fine set of pool balls and a new cue for your billiardesque enjoyment. Any Strong College RA will help you sign them out at any time (though they might not take kindly to a request at 3:00 a.m., so you might want to plan ahead). Perhaps there are some sharks in our waters that would like to arrange a tournament?


The Strong College Poem-of-the-Week is posted on the bulletin board outside the College Office, and is sometimes reprinted here. This week’s poem is from Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy”:

Brother, sing your country’s anthem,
Shout you land’s undying fame,
Light the wondrous tale of nations
With your people’s golden name.

Tell your fathers’ noble story,
Raise on high your country’s sign.
Join them in the final glory,
Brother, lift your flag with mine.

Build the road of peace before us,
Build it wide and deep and long,
Speed the slow and check the eager,
Help the weak and curb the strong.

None shall push aside another,
None shall let another fall.
March beside me, O my brothers,
All for one and one for all.


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