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Collegiate Confirmation in Colorado

[The University of Colorado at Boulder] — The University of Colorado at Boulder has been investigating the residential college model for some time, and I’ve even been interviewed about some of the early phases of their plans.

In today’s edition of the Boulder Daily Camera, Laura Snider reports that CU continues to aim for a collegiate configuration in the coming years. In his annual “state of the university” report,

Chancellor G.P. “Bud” Peterson, head of the Boulder campus at the University of Colorado, told a crowd of faculty, staff members and students that the school is perhaps in one of the best positions of its 132-year history. […] The bulk of the talk centered around how the school is setting itself up to implement the vision of Flagship 2030, the university’s road map to where it wants to be in two decades: “Redefining learning and discovery in a global context and setting new standards in education, research, scholarship and creative work that will benefit Colorado and the world.” […]

The chancellor also outlined six goals for moving forward, including attracting and maintaining qualified faculty and staff members, pursuing the development of the east campus, increasing fundraising efforts, continuing to redevelop dorms into “residential colleges,” enhancing diversity and becoming even more administratively efficient.

Update · 22 September 2008: Today’s edition of the Daily Camera carries a further report on CU’s “Flagship 2030” plans, including the plans for “Residential colleges: Create academic neighborhoods of professors, graduate students, undergraduates and advisers. Transforming residence halls is already underway, with Arnett Hall opening this fall as the first residential college.”

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