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Cambridge College Buildings Nominated for RIBA Prize

The Cambridge (U.K.) Evening News reports today that new buildings belonging to three of the Cambridge University residential colleges, along with a number of other recently-designed buildings in England, have been accorded special recognition by the Royal Institute of British Architects.

Buildings nominated for architecture prize

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) has announced 14 buildings in the East of England are in line for a prestigious national award – and nine of them are in Cambridge.

Cambridge is the only place in the region to have more than one structure on the shortlist.

RIBA awards recognise buildings that “have high architectural standards and make a substantial contribution to the local environment.”[…]

The £1.4 million Peterhouse Ward Library, the £5.65 million refurbishment of 1960s college extensions at New North Court, Jesus College, and the library and archive at Girton College, a £1.6 million extension to the college library, have all been recognised.[…]

David Thompson, RIBA East chairman, said: “The East of England has some of the finest new buildings in the UK and we congratulate all the talented regional architects of the schemes shortlisted for this prestigious, national award.

“The RIBA awards recognise a remarkable selection of buildings from almost every sector.

“It is clear that good architecture impacts on people’s lives, and these awards are a vitally important part of the process of raising standards. The awards have been critical in setting an international benchmark that is respected the world over.”

Update · 24 June 2006: John Devlin has kindly pointed me to a news release from Girton College that provides further details on the award and on the buildings recognized.

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