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New Master for the University of Miami’s Hecht College

— Professor Vince Cardinal has been appointed as the new master of Hecht College at the University of Miami. Neha Patel reports in today’s issue of the student newspaper The Miami Hurricane:

Cardinal Chosen as New Resident Master

This May, as Mahoney Residential College bids farewell to an associate master, Hecht Residential College will greet the same man as its new resident master. His name is Vince Cardinal, and he is scheduled to move into Hecht in the fall.

As the Chairman of the Department of Theatre Arts, Cardinal is no stranger to UM. For the past four years, he has not only interacted positively with college students, but has lived among them as well.

Each of the five residential colleges at UM is home to one resident master and two associate masters. Based on the housing systems of Cambridge and Oxford Universities in England, these scholars live within the residential colleges and open their doors to residing students. The resident master meets with the entire residential staff on a weekly basis in order to plan various activities and programs for students residing at the complex.

Cardinal looks forward to his new position because he enjoys being an integral part of campus life.

“Hecht has over twenty years of history, and it has been developed nicely,” Cardinal said. “I hope to build upon that past in order to continue to meet current students’ needs and give them the best college experience possible.”

Tom Recktenwald, sophomore, has had the opportunity to interact with Cardinal as both a theater student and a Mahoney resident.

“Mr. Cardinal is well-versed, experienced, honest and to the point,” Recktenwald said. “His main goal is to take care of his students and ensure that we enjoy what we’re doing.” As a Mahoney resident, Recktenwald adds, “Mr. Cardinal is an open door and a listening ear. He is always there for advice, and I can always talk to him regardless of the issue.”

Cardinal is looking forward to his new role at Hecht.

“It’s a great way to become a part of the intellectual community,” Cardinal said. “As an educator, I love to see students grow and develop, and this is one more opportunity to do so.”

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