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Yale University May Add Four Residential Colleges

— Amy Kaplan and Tom Sullivan report in The Yale Daily News that Yale University may add as many as four new residential colleges to its collegiate system in the near future. Yale President Richard Levin said

the University will not consider implementing this plan until the renovations of the existing 12 colleges are complete. The goal of the expansion would be to admit the qualified students Yale is unable to accept each year because of space constraints, he said.

“There’s so many outstanding students that we must turn down,” Levin said. “If Yale has a modest expansion, we would be fulfilling our mission even more than today.”

Levin said University officials have been considering the expansion “for some time.” If Yale built four new colleges that were the same size as the current 12, the University could increase the undergraduate body’s size by as many as 1,750 students—a 33 percent increase over Yale’s current undergraduate population.

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