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These news items about residential colleges, collegiate houses, and the renewal of university life are posted for readers of the Collegiate Way website. For more about residential colleges and collegiate universities please visit the main Collegiate Way page.

Notes from the Collegiate Blogosphere

— Residential colleges and the Collegiate Way website have been mentioned in a number of weblogs recently. Nicholas Stephanopoulos in his “Donnybrook” blog refers to his editorial in the Yale Daily News and to the Collegiate Way’s support for it. An item called “Your alma mater: Your competitor?” in Bill Brandon’s eLearning Entrepreneur encourages advocates of distance learning to carefully study their strongest competition: residential colleges. Joe Hart in his EduResources weblog passes on some material about the Collegiate Way website that I sent to him and includes his own thoughtful reply. And prolific education blogger Joanne Jacobs notes the value of decentralized residential colleges in her blog this month also.

Ideas spread around the web one link at a time. If you have a weblog, a webpage, or a mailing list of your own, why not include an item about residential colleges and help spread the collegiate good word today.

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