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UC–Santa Cruz Opens New Residential Colleges

— The University of California at Santa Cruz was one of the only universities in the United States to be originally built on a residential college model, having been conceived from its founding in the 1960s as a collegiate institution. As the university has grown over the years, its colleges have grown over-large, and thirty years have passed since Santa Cruz has added to its population of eight colleges.

It was therefore with much fanfare this month that UC Santa Cruz dedicated two new colleges, College Nine and College Ten. (Both clearly awaiting eponymous benefactors!) You can read more about this important development in the UCSC news release describing the college dedication ceremony. The websites of the new colleges may be found by following the UCSC link in the Collegiate Way’s college directory.

Congratulations to UCSC and to all the members of these two new colleges: may they lead the way in bringing new life to one of the oldest fully collegiate universities in the United States.

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