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Residential College Gifts for the Holidays

— Why not get the members of your favorite residential college, or even yourself, a college-related gift for the holiday season? Through the miracle of other people’s commercial cleverness, I have assembled a light-hearted list of books and movies about the Oxford and Cambridge colleges, recordings from famous residential college choirs, and other items of collegiate interest, and have posted it on If nothing else, the list may provide some interesting ideas for things to develop in your own college (a choir of your own, perhaps). And as a wholly unplanned teaser, if you look at the list you will see that a very bizarre error in the database causes the wrong image to display for one of the items; I will leave it to you to discover which one. (And lastly, in the interest of full disclosure, I have signed up the Collegiate Way website as an “Amazon Associate,” meaning I accumulate gift certificate credits when things are bought via the Collegiate Way website. By this method I have enriched myself over the past year to the tune of about $50. My next message will be coming to you from my new beach house in the Bahamas.)

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