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University of Durham Establishes Two New Colleges

— Along with Oxford and Cambridge, the University of Durham is one of the original collegiate universities of Great Britain. Fourteen collegiate societies make up the university as a whole, the oldest being University College founded in 1832.

In 1992, Durham added an additional campus at Stockton-on-Tees, and this fall Durham’s Stockton campus has been brought into harmony with the rest of the University through the establishment of two new residential colleges, John Snow College and George Stephenson College. The University’s press release about these new societies nicely describes Durham’s collegiate structure as well. Although it doesn’t appear that official websites for the new colleges are available yet, the students (forever ahead of the rest of us) have already created JCR pages for both Snow College and Stephenson College. [Added note: Official pages for Snow College and Stephenson College are now available.]

We extend hearty congratulations to the Principals, Fellows, and Scholars of Snow and Stephenson Colleges, and we wish them and their societies long, happy, and useful lives.

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