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Cornelia Strong to the Mathematics Majors, May 1948

Courtesy of Nina Ann Barnes Mustian (Class of 1948), August 1995.

To the Mathematics Majors—
Devotees of signs and symbols,
Functions, integrals and limits;
Conversant with modes and medians,
Averages and deviations;
Learned in the lore of Euclid,
Secants, tangents and projections;
Taking all space for their province
Even unto n dimensions—
To the Mathematics Majors
From an older fellow-student
Comes a greeting warm and hearty.
May their knowledge keep on growing
As in geometric series;
May the circle of their interests
Ever widen; may their problems,
Seen in infinite perspective,
Find solutions; may the blessed
Paradox of gain through giving
Find afresh its verification
In their long and happy lives.

—Cornelia Strong

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