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Welcome Week at Strong College, August 1999

Welcome week for the Class of 2003 at Strong College, August 1999. Freshman check-in days were Thursday and Friday, August 12th and 13th, and the cookout for new students was on Saturday, August 14th. Photos are by Strong College Senior Tutor Dr. Robert O’Hara.

Some members of the Welcoming Committee awaiting their fledglings.

College staff at the check-in table. Left to right: Cecilia Ruth Lance, Kathleen Lance, C.J. Heidel, Scott Thomason, and Tammy Thorarinson.


Beautiful sidewalk art in front of the College.

A lovely sidewalk sentiment.


Hanging the traditional daisy chain at the new students’ cookout (left), and grill master Sherrill Hayes trying to start a fire while the rain begins to fall.

Foraging in the Junior Common Room.


Back outside at the cookout after the rain had stopped.


Tim the Lemur gone wild again (left), and a magnificent cake!

The rockets’ red glare.

The bombs bursting in air.

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