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Strong College Art Show, Spring 1999

The second annual Strong College Art Show ran for three weeks during March and April 1999 under the watchful eye of curator Heather Lloyd. Entries in all media were welcomed from all members of the College, students and faculty alike. A major attraction for the second year in a row was the program drawn up by Tim Owens which included acknowledgements as well as tips for intelligent art gallery conversation. The vast hordes of people who came to view the show soon after these pictures were taken do not appear here, only because the photographer was too busy talking and eating to take any more pictures.

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Title page of Tim Owens’ program for the 1999 Strong College Art Show.
Art Show acknowledgements for 1999. Many thanks to all!

[Official Transcription of Tim Owens’ Guide to the 1999 Strong College Art Show: ]

Back by popular demand, the powers that be have just put in your hands this year’s guide to the art show! Using this guide will help you be a successful, semi-literate art critic! Here’s the rules: From the options below, fill in the blanks with the pithy art term of your choice. And again watch as your friends & neighbors marvel at your artistic knowledge!

This Year’s Contestants:

  1. I think the whole Neo-_____ movement is so last year.
    (a) Neo, (b) Troglodyte, (c) Dairy, (d) Leo, (e) Modern, (f) Tinactin, (g) Parrot.

  2. It’s meaning is quite obvious if you consider the influence _____ art made on it.
    (a) Shiite, (b) Hittite, (c) Copernican, (d) Flecker’s, (e) Bar Room, (f) Bathroom, (g) Boudoir, (h) Leo.

  3. Frankly, I think you’re absolutely wrong.

  4. I remember sitting around with _____ (a) Warhol, (b) Burton, (c) de Kooning, (d) Leo, (e) Haring, at the opening of _____ (a) Tiffany’s Caberet, (b) Harper’s Car Wash, (c) MOMA, (d) Weatherspoon, thinking, “Man, is their work going to be huge!”

  5. I dunno, maybe it could use more _____.
    (a) Garlic, (b) Depth, (c) Tragedy, (d) Color, (e) Leo, ’cause you can simply never have enough Leo, (f) Transgender influence in its portrayal of today’s social confusion and inability of stability, (g) Extra Cheese, (h) Neo (see question one).

  6. (a) Yes, (b) No, (c) Maybe, (d) I don’t know, ask Dr. White; she knows everything.

  7. Glad you asked. Why yes, I come from the _____ (a) New York, (b) Tampa, (c) Chicago, (d) L.A., (e) Ramseur, (f) O’Hara, (g) Nashville, school where I specialized in _____ (a) applied debauchery, (b) paleo-Romanticism, (c) post-cynicism, (d) Kung Fu, (e) painting with monkeys, (f) Flecker portraiture in various mediums, (g) dynamic representation of the human form in whipped cream.

  8. The sheer _____ (a) gall, (b) brevity, (c) witness, (d) centripetal force, (e) weight, (f) ugliness, (g) randy delight, (h) Neo-Leo-ness, of this piece is _____ (a) staggering, (b) mildly erotic, (c) nauseating, (d) Fleckeriffic, (e) Sassy! (f) aggravating, (g) subterranean, (h) <make the Italian hand-kissing gesture here>.

  9. Frankly, I think you’re absolutely wrong yet again. Jeez…

  10. Bzzzt! Please leave my viewing space. You’re interfering with my appreciation of this piece.

Art Show curator Heather Lloyd (right) preparing labels for the exhibits.
The entries prepared for viewing at Tea in the Junior Common Room. The show ran for three successive weeks during Tea, and was also open for viewing several evenings each week.
Photographs, paintings, needlework, and more: the gallery awaits its visitors.
Magnificent needlework by Amanda Frailey that is a veritable iconography of Strong College life. Surrounding the Strong College coat of arms are a tea cup, a coffee mug for the Blue Lemur Coffee Bar, a croquet mallet for the annual Croquet Tournament, a boat for the Buffalo Creek Regatta, books for the College Library, the traditional red and white Strong College peppermints, Star Trek insignia for our weekly viewings in the Star Chamber, and images of our custom-made Strong College currency in two denominations.
Another view of the gallery: sculpture, photographs, drawings, and paintings.
A faculty contribution to the show: Dr. O’Hara’s photographs of Peabody Park from the UNCG Alumni Magazine.
A detailed view of a prize-winning painting.
Tim the Artist Lemur collecting audience votes for the entries in different categories as well as for the overall “Best in Show” entry.

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