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Cornelia Strong College

The University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Friday, 19 April 1996 | Per aspera ad astra | Newsletter No. 60


Strong College Council Elections Are Complete

Two candidates—Stacy Hicks and Rachel Wojnar—entered the competition for 1996–97 College Council President last week, and the winner is Rachel Wojnar! The College is very grateful to both Stacy and Rachel for running, and we look forward to Rachel’s leadership of the Council next year. She is already working on plans for a mentoring/tutoring program that will pair incoming freshmen with upperclass Strong College members who will show them around campus or offer assistance with some introductory courses. If you would like to take part in such a program, or just find out more about it, then come to the next College Council Meeting (Tuesday at 10:00 p.m. in the Committee Room), or speak to Sherrill Hayes (Room 207) or Rachel Wojnar (Room 202).

Minority Student Affairs Awards

Congratulations to the outstanding group of Strong College scholars who recently received the Minority Student Affairs Award for academic achievement: April C. Barnes, Rhonda T. Bazley, Tiffany S. Bullock, Monica M. Chew, Piotr Chruszczewski, Joy C. Clark, Lennis R. Cooper, Jr., Tonique C. Crawford, Nykizza A. Hardy, Patrice A. Horton, Chelsea A. Houser, Tamara N. Johnson, Rhonda L. Kearney, Wen-Chiunn Liu, Ileana Rodriguez, Sibyll A. Spoons, Kimberly A. Thompson, Charlotte R. Williams, and Kevin J. Wright. Very well done indeed!

Stress-Killer Comedy Movie Marathon!

Adam Cox and Deborah Stewart will be sponsoring a free Stress-Killer Comedy Movie Marathon on Saturday, April 27th, from 12:00 noon to 7:00 p.m. (that’s right: seven hours) in the Star Chamber. Refreshments will be served! The scheduled movies are: Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, The Princess Bride, The Cocoanuts (with the Marx Brothers), and The General (with Buster Keaton). Come and go any time you please, but don’t miss this chance to laugh off some of that pre-exam stress.

Spectacular End-of-the-Year Tea

The Spectacular End-of-the-Year Tea will take place on Reading Day, Tuesday, April 30th. Everyone who is anyone will be there, and we hope that will include you! And this will be the last big chance of the year to contribute your pennies to the Strong College Endowment fund—start cleaning all that loose change out your desk drawer now, and bring it down to Tea to help future generations of Strong College members!

Ad Astra

Amy Vaughn is going to Ukraine with the Baptist Student Union summer missions for two week in July to build a church. Wow!


The Strong College Poem-of-the-Week is posted on the bulletin board outside the College Office. This week’s poem is from James Elroy Flecker’s “The Old Ships” (1915), for the people of Lebanon:

I have seen old ships sail like swans asleep
Beyond the village which men still call Tyre,
With leaden age o’ercargoed, dipping deep
For Famagusta and the hidden sun
That rings black Cyprus with a lake of fire;
And all those ships were certainly so old
Who knows how oft with squat and noisy gun,
Questing brown slaves or Syrian oranges,
The pirate Genoese
Hell-raked them till they rolled
Blood, water, fruit and corpses up the hold.
But now through friendly seas they softly run,
Painted the mid-sea blue or shore-sea green,
Still patterned with the vine and grapes in gold.



Join your fellow Strong College members for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in our section of the Caf. We eat in the raised area of the room just off the main serving room (the room to the left of the large-screen TV). See you there!

Monday, 22 April

4:00–5:00 p.m., Senior Common Room: Strong College Literary Hour! Bring a favorite piece of literature to read, or just listen in. Everyone is welcome! (Laurie White)

Tuesday, 23 April

4:30–5:30 p.m., Junior Common Room: Strong College Tea! Stop by the JCR for food and drink and informal conversation. It’s the social event of the Strong College week. (Laurie White)

10:00 p.m., Committee Room: Strong College Council meeting. All interested students are invited to join the Council officers to plan events, and generally contribute to the life of our College. (Sherrill Hayes)

Wednesday, 24 April

8:00 p.m. until we get tired, Committee Room: The Blue Lemur Coffee Bar is open for your enjoyment and caffeination. Come to calm down or wind up, think or not think, talk or not talk. (Tim Owens)

Friday, 26 April

12:00 noon, Strong College Dining Area in the Caf: Senior Common Room lunch, for Strong College Fellows and invited students. (We try to invite a few different students each week so most people will get an invitation over the course of the year; see Kim Hathcock in Room 167 if you’d like to move up to the top of the list.)

9:00 p.m., The Star Chamber: X-Files Friday Night! (Kelly Woodfin)

Saturday, 27 April

12:00 noon–7:00 p.m., The Star Chamber: Stress-Killer Comedy Movie Marathon, featuring Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, The Princess Bride, The Cocoanuts (with the Marx Brothers), and The General (with Buster Keaton)! See details above. (Adam Cox and Deborah Stewart)

7:00–8:00 p.m., The Star Chamber: Star Trek: Voyager! Join us in the Delta Quadrant. (Bob O’Hara)

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