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                          PLANNING NEWS
                     Cornelia STRONG COLLEGE

No. 5: 19 July 1994        Per aspera (now more than ever) ad astra

“The benefits of a University education cannot be thought to consist 
merely in the acquirement of knowledge, but in the opportunities of 
society and of forming friends; in short, in the experience of life 
gained by it and the consequent improvement of character.  With many,
a College is their first means of introduction to the world.”

  —Benjamin Jowett (1817-1893), Master of Balliol College, Oxford


We have received our first major donation!  An anonymous donor
has contributed $1000 to the health and future of Cornelia Strong 
College.  Our sincere thanks, from the whole Strong College community.  
May this fine foundation be the first of many more to come.  (The Senior 
Tutor will indeed be hoping so as he relaxes in front of that large-
screen quadraphonic TV he has been wanting for such a long time.…)


A strong Strong welcome to: Virginia Karb, Assistant Dean and Associate 
Professor in the School of Nursing, who will periodically take our 
temperature and tell us to call her in the morning; Toni Knight, 
Director of the Teaching Fellows Program and Lecturer in the School of 
Education, who will make sure all of our lesson plans are in order every 
day; and Susan Shelmerdine, Associate Dean of Arts and Sciences and 
Associate Professor of Classical Studies, who will have all of our 
junior members reciting the Iliad in no time flat (Linear B may take a 
little longer, but there’s always hope).


By some mysterious chain of events, we mistakenly listed Robert 
Stockburger as one of our Resident Assistants for the coming year.  
Robert will indeed be a member of the College, but our sixth Resident 
Assistant will be Thomas Dort (History), formerly of the University of 
California at Santa Cruz, to whom we extend a hearty welcome!


The Strong College library continues to receive many donations, 
including a box of books on physics and astronomy from Steve Danford, 
and several boxes of Southern literature from Bob Stephens of the 
English Department.  Not only that: Brenda Cooper generously allowed
us to take as complete a set of UNCG yearbooks as we could find in the
attic of the Alumni House (gathered with the assistance of our
undergraduate members Amy Garrett and Jeremy Sarine).  Thanks to all!


Strong College is loosely based on the Harvard House system, which is in 
turn loosely based of the Oxford and Cambridge College system.  This 
from W.A. Pantin, Oxford Life in Oxford Archives (1972, p. 45):

  Altogether, the Oxford system, as it has developed, though of course
  capable of continual reform and improvement, seems as good a way as
  one knows of articulating a large university into workable,
  democratic, and not too impersonal units — units in which a historian
  can discover that physicists are quite human, and vice versa.


Members of the Senior Common Room are cordially invited to have lunch 
every Friday in the Dogwood Room, Elliott University Center.  At our 
last lunch we had champagne and caviar, and we hope to again, but who 
can tell what the future may hold?  These lunches will establish the 
pattern we plan to continue through the year in the main cafeteria, with 
personal invitations extended each week to several junior members, such 
that over the course of the year all of our students will have dined 
with the Fellows at least once.


This may well be <sniff> the last issue of the Strong College Planning 
News.  (Preserve your copies carefully, as they are sure to increase in 
value in the years ahead.)  This legendary journal will be reborn 
shortly as a general newsletter for all members of the College, one that 
will be sent a few times during the remainder of the summer to our 
student members so they will be able to keep up with what’s going on, as 
well as to all of you.


The fearless President and the fearful Senior Tutor:
   Laurie White, English & Honors     Bob O’Hara, CCI & Biology

The Fellows and Associates:
   Ken Caneva, History                Rob Cannon, Biology
   Brenda Cooper, Alumni Affairs      Linda Danford, Classical Studies
   Steve Danford, Physics & Astronomy Susan Haire, Political Science
   Jerry Harrelson, Admissions        Tim Johnston, Psychology & CCI
   Virginia Karb, Nursing             Toni Knight, Education
   Derek Krueger, Religious Studies   Julian Lombardi, Biology
   Marilyn May Lombardi, English      Charles Lyons, Internat. Progs.
   Karen Meyers, English              Mark Schumacher, Jackson Library
   Carl Schurer, Photographer         Sheila Schurer, Arts & Sciences
   Susan Shelmerdine, Classics

Honorary Associate: Charles Vere, Lord Burford

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