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                          PLANNING NEWS
                     Cornelia STRONG COLLEGE

No. 2: 21 March 1994         Per aspera (we ain’t kidding) ad astra


A hearty Strong College welcome to Charles Lyons, Director of the 
Office of International Programs and Adjunct Lecturer in the School 
of Education, and Derek Krueger, Assistant Professor of Religious 
Studies, both new members of our community of Fellows and Associates 
of the College.  Derek was an undergraduate at Amherst, and knows 
the life of a small college well; Charles is an alumnus of Dudley 
House, the college at Harvard in which Bob O’Hara served as a 
Resident Tutor during his graduate days, and on which some of the 
structures of Strong College have been modeled.  A complete SCR list 
appears below.


The die is cast: Flyers describing Strong College are on their way 
in the packet of materials sent by the Office of Residence Life to 
all incoming freshmen.  A copy of the flyer is attached here for all 
to see.  We eagerly anticipate a ‘strong’ response.


An impromptu field party went in search of Professor Strong’s former 
homestead, located at 109 Adams Street (just across West Market at 
the end of McIver).  It is now (horribile dictu!) the parking lot of 
a lawyers’ office.  There is a lovely old house next door however, 
and we can imagine what hers must have been like.  Perhaps someone 
who has contacts with local historians could find us an old 
photograph of Adams Street showing Cora’s house; it would be an 
excellent ornament for one of our College common rooms.


Have you ever looked at the old photographs of the UNCG campus in 
Allen Trelease’s book Changing Assignments?  If so, you may have 
gotten a vague feeling that for some reason the campus was more 
attractive in the Old Days.  The reason, we conjecture, (apart from 
the absence of the new McIver building) was that all the buildings 
were covered with ivy.  It is common on campuses in our Modern Age 
to tear all the ivy off all the buildings, because it is reputed to 
damage the mortar that holds the buildings up.  We think Strong 
College would look just great with ivy covered walls (especially 
since our building is of unfortunate vintage).  Therefore, we hereby 
offer a prize (yet to be determined) for anyone able to find a way 
around this problem.  Surely there must be a special variety of 
mortar-friendly ivy we could use; where can we get some?  
Alternatively, can the mortar be treated to make it impervious to 
vegetable invasion?  Maybe just a variance from the ivy zoning rules 
is all we need?  Our collective intellects can surely evolve a 
solution to this leafy problem.


The College Library continues to develop in the War Room (200 
Foust).  Donations in kind are accepted at any time: books, 
periodicals, maps, videos, etc., etc.  We have already had one 
undergraduate bring in a whole box of books for the collection, and 
several faculty have made donations as well.  Scan your shelves and 
see what you can donate!  If you have books that might not be 
suitable for a permanent collection (trade paperbacks, etc.) bring 
them by anyway, and we will exchange them at local bookstores for 
items of greater durability.


Although many university faculty come from academic families and are 
deeply enculturated into the academic life, many of our students are 
not so, er, blessed, and have very little idea what university 
faculty do apart from lecture a few hours each week.  (We just sit 
around and read magazines the rest of the time, it appears.)  We in 
Strong College believe that it is very important for students to see 
something of the range of things the faculty do in addition to 
formal teaching, and so we would like all our Senior Common Room 
members to contribute copies of their own publications to the 
College library.  We plan to set aside a special shelf in the 
library for this faculty collection, and hope it will include 
journal reprints, symposium volumes, reviews, popular articles, 
conventional monographs, as well as works in whatever media any of 
us work in.  Take a moment to go through your files and pull out 
copies of whatever you may have available, and put it in an envelope 
and send it over to the Strong College Office, 200 Foust, by campus 
mail.  You will be doing a good thing for our student members.


Folks who pretend to be in charge:
  Laurie White, English & Honors    Bob O’Hara, CCI & Biology

Fellows (faculty) and Associates (others):
  Ken Caneva, History               Rob Cannon, Biology
  Linda Danford, Classical Studies  Steve Danford, Physics & Astro.
  Susan Haire, Political Science    Tim Johnston, Psychology & CCI
  Derek Krueger, Religious Studies  Julian Lombardi, Biology
  Marilyn May Lombardi, English     Charles Lyons, Internat. Progs.
  Mark Schumacher, Jackson Library  Carl Schurer, Photographer
  Sheila Schurer, Arts & Sciences

Honorary Associate: Charles Vere, Lord Burford

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