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_______________________   Newsletter No. 1        Friday, 26 August 1994
__Per aspera ad astra__

Items for the Strong College Newsletter may be submitted at any time
to the College Office (Room 140), and by 12:00 noon on Thursdays for 
inclusion in the next week’s issue.  Events are open to all members of
Strong College unless otherwise indicated.


- Per aspera -

The Strong College motto is “per aspera ad astra” — “through 
difficulties to the stars.”  We certainly have had our share of aspera 
during our first few days: leaking sinks, missing mattresses, false fire 
alarms, still no common televisions, still no paper towel dispensers, 
still too few trash barrels, and on and on.  But these pains are growing 
pains, and they will pass.  Dr. O’Hara has reported all the problems he 
knows about to the Office of Residence Life, and will keep reporting 
them and reporting them and reporting them until they are fixed.  We 
will probably continue to have growing pains of various sorts for some 
time, however; if we all grit our teeth and practice patience we will 
make it through this difficult time (and we will have great stories to 
tell our grandchildren years from now, when Strong College is famous 
around the world).

- Ad astra -

Looking beyond the aspera to the astra, we see many great things already 
and many more to come.  Through the efforts of Allen Frady, Resident 
Assistant on the second floor south, we now have a pool table in the 
Game Room, and as far as we can tell it has been in use just about 24 
hours a day since it arrived.  (Three cheers for Allen!)  Our piano has 
just appeared in the Junior Common Room, and many of our members have 
already run their fingers over its keys (including our fearless 
President, Dr. White).  Tricia Esposito, Kathy Ross, and Bob O’Hara did 
a little work arranging the Library a few days ago, and we hope to have 
it open for business in the next couple of weeks.  And perhaps the most 
important news of all: our College Dining Area in the Caf is now 

- The Strong College Dining Area -

It’s official!  Cornelia Strong College now has its own dining area in 
the Caf: it is the raised area in the “State Dining Room,” which is the 
room directly behind the serving room.  (If you are facing the big TV it 
is the room on the left.)  All Strong College members are warmly invited 
and encouraged to take all their Caf meals in this section (and to have 
friends who are not members join them, of course).  One of the best ways 
of getting to know people is by sharing meals with them, and already our 
section is being regularly used by quite a few of us: keep coming and 
bring along your roommates and neighbors so it will be a great success.  
We plan to have a sign up marking the section soon, and it will be in 
this area that we will have our assorted meal-time discussion groups.  
Our faculty Fellows and Associates (“the Senior Common Room”) had their 
first lunch together in the Strong College dining area, and they will be 
in evidence there every Friday from about 12:00 noon to 1:00 p.m.

- Introduce Yourself! -

Dr. White and Dr. O’Hara met many of our members at check-in and in the 
days since, but there are many more they have not yet had the pleasure 
of speaking to.  Dr. White’s office is Room 140, and Dr. O’Hara’s is 
Room 145.  Stop by to say hello whenever either of us is there, or 
whenever you see us wandering around the building.  Residents are 
encouraged to get to know the Strong College Resident Assistants as 
well: not only the RA on your corridor, but all of the RAs that serve 
our community: Thomas Dort (first floor south), Allen Frady (second 
floor south), Veronica Stroud (third floor south), Charlotte Williams 
(third floor north), Woto Nyomba (second floor north), and Kathy Ross 
(first floor north).

- Turn in Your Interest Forms! -

All our student members received an interest form when they arrived, and 
many have already turned them in to their RAs.  If you haven’t turned 
yours in please do so — they will help all members of the College 
identify other people with similar interests, the better to plan events, 
clubs, and activities of all kinds.  If you would like to plan an event 
or group and are wondering who else might be interested in joining you, 
you can browse through the collection of interest forms yourself in the 
College Office (Room 140), where they will be available beginning in a 
few days.

- The President’s Tea -

Every Wednesday for the entire year Dr. White will host a social hour in 
the Junior Common Room from 4:00 - 5:00 p.m.  The first such President’s 
Tea will take place this Wednesday (and it isn’t just tea: it’s assorted 
beverages and snacks of all kinds).  The President’s Tea is the social 
event of the Strong College week, and everyone is invited, students and 
faculty alike, as well as any parents or other distinguished visitors 
who may be in the neighborhood.  Come and meet your neighbors and the 
many other members of Strong College!

- In Case You Ever Have a Serious Problem… -

Always remember the phone number to the Campus Police: 4444.  They are 
there to help all of us, night and day.  If you have any kind of medical 
emergency or if there is any danger in the building and you can’t seem 
to find a staff member to help, don’t hesitate to call 4444.  All the 
police and security officers on campus are welcome and encouraged to 
walk through Moore/Strong Hall at any time; if you see any of them 
around tell them you appreciate their presence: they help us all to stay 
safe and secure.


(This section of the Newsletter will fill up with daily events as the 
semester proceeds.  Anyone who wants to announce an event or happening 
of any kind is free to insert a notice in this calendar — just bring 
your text to the College Office and give it to Dr. O’Hara, or slip it 
under the door if he isn’t there.)

- Wednesday, 31 August -

4:00 - 5:00 p.m., JCR: President’s Tea — everyone invited to this 
weekly social hour.  (Laurie White)

- Friday, 2 September -

12:00 - 1:00 p.m., College Dining Area: Senior Common Room Lunch, for 
Fellows of Strong College and invited students.  The Fellows plan to 
invite a few students to join them each week, so that over the year 
everyone will receive an invitation at least once.


Watch for news soon about: the Health Sciences Discussion Group 
(probably Wednesdays at lunch), the Strong College Gardeners (Ms. 
Schurer will be the fearless leader), the Computer Discussion Group, the 
Federation Council (our very important Star Trek society, which will 
begin operating once we get some @!#%#! TVs), and a survey to see how 
many people would like to have ethernet connections in their rooms.

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