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Grey College at the University of Durham

Grey College at the University of Durham was established in 1959 and named for the second Earl Grey, the Prime Minister of Britain in 1832 when the University of Durham was founded. Grey College occupies spacious grounds south of the River Wear and overlooking the historic Durham city center. These informal photos of the Durham residential colleges were taken by Robert J. O’Hara during a speaking visit to Durham. For more information about the residential colleges please visit the main Collegiate Way page.

[Entrance sign to Grey College along South Road in Durham]

Grey College entrance along South Road in Durham.

[Main buildings of Grey College at Durham University]

The approach to Grey College at the University of Durham on an overcast afternoon.

[Main reception desk in Grey College]

Grey College reception area inside the main entrance. Each of the Durham colleges has a distinct reception area which serves as a clear point of contact for visitors and a reliable center of information for members.

[Stone tablet marking the opening of Grey College at the University of Durham]

Commemorative tablet marking the opening of the main Grey College building in 1959.

[Grey College JCR and main corridor, University of Durham]

Main corridor inside the entrance to Grey College. The principal college offices and the Junior Common Room are in this high traffic area, as is an assortment of items from the college’s extensive art collection.

[Grey College dining hall, Durham University.]

Grey College dining hall, with more items from the college art collection on display. A college dining hall is an ideal location for changing displays of art by members of the college.

[Grey College library, University of Durham]

The college library of Grey College, University of Durham, with the college’s master, Professor Martyn Chamberlain, behind the desk.

[Grey College Senior Common Room]

The Grey College Senior Common Room.

[Grey College conference room, Durham University]

Grey College has two meeting rooms that are used to support the college’s conference trade. In the daytime this room has a beautiful view of the Durham city center.

[Lattin Chapel, Grey College, Durham University]

The Lattin Chapel at Grey College, named in honor of Frank J. Lattin, bursar of the college from 1963–1968.

[Celebration opening the MCR at Grey College, Durham University]

A celebration for the opening the new Middle Common Room for postgraduate students at Grey College.

[Grey College MCR plaque, University of Durham]

Plaque marking the opening of the new Grey College Middle Common Room, December 2004.

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