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Raising (and Signing) the Residential College Roof

[The University of Mississippi] — At the Collegiate Way we often stress the importance of public acts of dedication or remembrance as means to support and enhance the cohesion of residential college communities. If you’re breaking ground for a new college building, for example, you—you the members of the college, not just some token dignitaries—can unite with a very ancient tradition by making a foundation deposit. Alternatively, if you’re about to complete a new building you can follow another old tradition by signing the rooftree, as people did today at the new residential college at the University of Mississippi.

Ole Miss plans ‘topping out’ event for residential college

The University of Mississippi will hold a ceremony today to mark construction of the school’s new residential college.

Faculty, staff and students will be able to sign the final beam before it is installed atop the structure at 3:30 p.m. in front of the new building.

The residential college, which will open for the fall 2009 semester, will provide students of all majors with an opportunity to create an on-campus living community where they can stay during their entire college careers.

The college will feature its own dining hall, fitness center, library and computer center.

Update · 2 November 2008: Collegiate Way colleague Mike DeBow has kindly sent a link to a more detailed press release that includes some photographs of the happy occasion along with additional information. “‘Living with people who are different than you helps you grow,’ [former UM provost Carolyn] Staton said. ‘The residential college will feature 24-hour interaction with a diverse community.’”

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