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Ryan’s Collegiate Way of Living Now Available Online

[Mark Ryan, A Collegiate Way of Living] — The best single volume about residential college life is Mark Ryan’s graceful essay collection, A Collegiate Way of Living: Residential Colleges and a Yale Education. I’m delighted to announce that Mark’s book, first published in 2001 by Jonathan Edwards College at Yale University, is now available online, in full, as an expertly-produced pdf file:

If you have only one book about residential colleges, this is the one to have. Get a new packet of paper, fire up your printer, and make a fresh hardcopy for yourself and your colleagues to take on your summer holiday. (And perhaps to assign to students for summer reading?)

The thirteen essays in the volume were written for a variety of occasions and publications: some appeared in internal Yale newsletters, others in higher education journals. The full contents are:

  • The Educational Value of Community Life
    • Introduction: Yale’s Residential Colleges
    • Checking the Circles: Welcoming Remarks
  • Residential Colleges in Historical Context
    • The University: The Changing Shape of a Yale Education
    • The American Residential College: Genesis and Legacy
    • The Collegiate Way: Historical Purposes of Residential Colleges
  • Advising and Counseling
    • Residential College Deanships: An Anniversary Celebration
    • Self and Curriculum: Growing Through a Yale Education
    • Inner Life / Yale Life
  • On Collegiate Values: Critiques and Commentary
    • The College in the University
    • Self-Knowledge and Liberal Education
    • Heart and Intellect: The Dalai Lama at Yale
  • Coda
    • Why J.E. Sux: The Spirit of a Residential College
  • Epilogue
    • Internationalizing Residential Colleges: An Experience in Mexico

Hearty thanks to Mark and to Jonathan Edwards College for working to make this important volume available online. Cotton Mather would be proud.

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