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Clegg Recommends House Systems for All Schools

— British politician Nick Clegg, a candidate to lead the Liberal Democratic Party, has made the establishment of house systems in all British schools a centerpiece of his education platform. A brief story by Polly Curtis in today’s Guardian newspaper, “Clegg outlines plan to improve school system,” describes the proposal:

Every school should be divided into several mini-schools based on the traditional British house system to improve discipline, according to the Liberal Democrat leadership candidate Nick Clegg. Smaller schools should also offer intensive one-to-one teaching and catch-up classes, with longer school days and weekend classes, he said, unveiling his vision for a new education system in Westminster yesterday.

House systems in schools are the primary and secondary counterparts of residential college systems in universities. Anyone looking into the school house-model will find a wealth of resources right here at the Collegiate Way: the nomenclature may vary a bit, but the principles are exactly the same.

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