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A History for Trevelyan College, Durham

[Arms of Trevelyan College, Durham] — The small but delightful genre of residential college histories—specially collected here at the Collegiate Way—has a new member. I’m pleased to report that the story of Trevelyan College, Durham, has just been told by Susan Martin, the wife of Nigel Martin, the college’s current principal:

  • Martin, Susan. 2006. Trevs: A Celebration of 40 Years. Durham: The Trevelyan Trust. [ISBN 1-904499-07-4]

Like every residential college history, Trevs contains inspiring accounts of the spread of learning and the flourishing of fun; of traditions born, challenges overcome, and lives changed for the better. Architectural readers may be especially interested in the story of John Eastwick-Field, the designer of the college’s distinctive hexagonal buildings, which, I can testify from personal observation, are wonderfully configured and scaled.

The book may be ordered for £10 plus shipping either through an online form or by writing to: The General Office, Trevelyan College, Elvet Hill Road, Durham DH1 3LN, U.K. (e-mail:

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