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“How to Build a Residential College” Available

— One of the largest sections of the Collegiate Way website will be the “How to Build a Residential College” section, and I have now added an extended summary of what will be included in that section. The summary is somewhat telegraphic in style, but it is fairly comprehensive and shows the direction that the pages will be going. I plan to include a series of detailed pages linked to that summary, expanding upon all the ideas there with examples and alternative arrangements.

Writing all this material has been quite an interesting exercise for me. I have spent years working in residential colleges, but have not ordinarily had to describe the details of their structure and function beyond the usual presentations we all give to visiting students and parents. It’s a bit like having spent years riding a bicycle, but never having had to write a book about how one rides a bicycle. I have had to cut the living whole into parts, but I hope I have not murdered it in the dissection. Each time I add a new section, I look back at the earlier ones to see how they need to be rebalanced.

In this context I’d like to make a special request of those of you who are outside the United States. The material on the Collegiate Way website is based mainly on my experience in the US, but I hope to make it as useful as possible to an international audience. If you come across any especially obscure Americanisms, or descriptions of practices that are alien to you, I’d be grateful if you would let me know so that I may clarify them for future readers.

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