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The Strong College Archives, 1994–2000

In 1994 I was the principal founder of Cornelia Strong College, a residential college at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Strong College was named for Cornelia Strong, professor of mathematics and astronomy in the University from 1905 to 1948. Modeled after the residential colleges of Harvard and Yale Universities, Strong College accepted both undergraduate and graduate students through a competitive admission process, and was especially attractive to those students who were seeking a richer and more rewarding experience than they would have had in a traditional, non-academic residence hall. It was a place, in the words of a parent, “where people look after each other.

These pages are an archive of Strong College materials from the first six years of the College’s life, the period during which I served as Strong College Senior Tutor (dean of students). They are made available here on the Collegiate Way website as an extended case study in residential college life. Among the hundreds of pages included here you will find a wealth of ideas that can be used to enrich the life of any collegiate community.

In addition to the types of material found here, the active website of any residential college will contain an assortment of ephemeral pages that I have not included in this archive: pages with contact information, lists of current members, schedules for admission, conference opportunities, student forms, and so on. Some of these are discussed on the Collegiate Way’s pages on How to Build a Residential College, and a wide range of active college websites can be browsed from the Collegiate Way’s listing of Residential Colleges Worldwide.

General Strong College Files

Annual Strong College Albums and Newsletters

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